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Designed with You in Mind

Our goal is to combine the convenience of a mobile cube and the security of a traditional storage facility. Whether at the comfort of your own home or at one of our state of the art facilities, we can work together to find the best storage option for you!

Easy as 1,2,3,4

1- Order your mobile cube



mobile cube form

2- We Drop Off, You Pack

We will drop off the Mobile Cube anywhere in the Greater Syracuse Area. All you do is pack up your belongings. 

moving box

3-When Ready,we'll  pick it up

Give us a call when your ready for us to pick it up. We'll come get it ASAP and take it to our local, secure location.

moving cube van

You can either store it in our secure facility for as long as needed OR take it to the next location. Up to you!

4- Easy Access Storage

The Cube is stored at a nearby fenced-in facility in CNY. We give you a code to the gate so you can access your belongings 24/7.

Storage Locations
storage security

Keep it in our secure location for as long as needed. When ready to unload, we will have an expert pick it back up and deliver it to the desire location. 

The form is an easy way for our experts to get a debriefing of what your needs are before they give you a call. We can get a price quote to you, give you an estimated delivery date, and so much more. 

We'll drop off the empty Mobile Cube to your location when requested. You take as long as needed to pack it up and when ready, we'll come and pick it up for you. 

timeline of a recent Customer, Joanne
mobile cube form

JoAnne Fills Out A "Get A Quote Form" Online

She quickly hears back from an expert, and confirms her date, time, and delivery specifications

customer service

Her Mobile Cube is delivered in a timely fashion. She begins to pack up her household.

After two weeks, she has finally finished packing. She calls Mobile Cube and has it picked up and moved into a secure location, 5 minutes from her place.

self storage security

She decides to leave her Mobile Cube in the secure facility for 1 month. Visiting it frequently to add and remove items.

Joanne then calls and has her Mobile Cube dropped off at her new residence, just 10 miles away from her the secure location. 

moving truck
moving box

Joanne then unpacks her items into her new home. She keeps the Mobile Cube for an additional 2 weeks while she unpacks.

She is then ready to have the empty Mobile Cube picked up and taken away. Until next time Joanne!

moving truck
moving box
moving truck
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