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3 Sizes -  Unbeatable Price

8' X 8' X 8'
8' X 12' X 8'
8' X 16 X 8'
Pick a Size 

Simple rate. Unbeatable price.

Take your time Packing the CUBE without fear of extra charges.

Each Mobile Cube starts at a low monthly price of $100 plus the initial delivery fee*.Keep it as long as you'd like at your place to load up your items. Whether in your hands or at our secure facilities, the Mobile Cube still costs the same low rate. The best part? You can access it whenever you'd like. It's that easy. 

* Initial delivery determined based off location. Any subsequent pick-ups or deliveries may accrue additional costs. Give us a call at any time if you have any questions.  

Self Storage Delivered.

Portable Storage Cube. Home Delivery. Convenient 24/7 Access.

How Mobile Cube Works

1- Order your mobile cube



mobile cube form

2- We Drop Off, You Pack

We will drop off the Mobile Cube anywhere in the Greater Syracuse Area. All you do is pack up your belongings. 


3-When Ready,we'll  pick it up

Give us a call when your ready for us to pick it up. We'll come get it ASAP and take it to our local, secure location.

mobile storage delivery

4- Easy Access Storage

The Cube is stored at a nearby fenced-in facility in CNY. We give you a code to the gate so you can access your belongings 24/7.

Storage Locations
secure camera system storage
Why Mobile cube?

We have the safest cubes built to date. 

Safety is our number one priority. When you store your belongings with us you can be confident that your belongings are in a massive lock box. Whether you are storing at our state-of-the-art self storage facilities, at your home or business, or somewhere totally new you can sleep with the peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe. 

I enjoy sleep - don't you? Sleep soundly when you store with Mobile Cube.

We have the safest cubes built to date. 


Tougher than nails. Tougher than competitors. 

The materials that our competitors build their cubes out of are embarrassing. Wood, cheap metal, plastic? These cubes are susceptible to theft, water damage, and breaking while in use. Our cubes are built to last, keep your belongings safe, and secure your business for generations to come. 

Why settle for anything less than the best?

It's the little design elements that go a long way

When we went about designing the mobile cubes we took a step back and thought - how can we make our Cubes that much better?  How about extra anchoring hooks for securing your gear? Or maybe rubber grip padding that hugs your furniture? What about double wide swinging doors?

Double-wide swinging doors, rubber grip mats, extra anchor hooks ... the list goes on.

packing supplies

Need Packing Supplies to keep your stuff safe?

Store America

Traditional Storage options available

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The staff at Mobile Cube was incredibly helpful and the whole experience was a lot easier than we thought it would be. Mobile Cube went above and beyond and made it super easy for me to keep my belongings safe.”

Frankie Bolder

“Hands down the best way to store my belongings. It took my husband and I about 1 week to load the Mobile Cube with all our stuff. We then called and they came the next day and locked everything up in a facility right nearby! They gave us a access code so we can get to our stuff whenever. Love it!”

Payton Hillman

“Our business urgently needed some reliable storage space when we rented a new office. Mobile Cube delivered on their reliability and safety promises and it was incredibly easy to work with them. We will definitely work with Mobile Cube again!”

Riley Jones

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